Don’t Be On Time

“Early is on time. On time is late. Late is bad.” – Unknown

Three reasons to be early instead of on time.

1. Respect

Being early shows whomever you are meeting that you respect them and their time. Maybe this will even make you worthy of their respect.

If you don’t respect them and their time, then why are you even meeting them?

2. Organized

You can gain business and/or contacts simply by being early. In today’s chaotic world, being early can be a sign that you keep a calendar and make sure that you follow through with your commitments.

Over 60% of Americans own smartphones. Smartphones have calendars and alert you to your appointments. Why wouldn’t you use this great tool to stay organized?

3. Get the best seat

Let’s face it, you get to choose the best seat if you are early. Want to sit by the window at that coffee shop meeting? Want to sent three chairs down from the guest speaker so you don’t get spit on? You got it, just be early and your chances increase.